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Who is Pawan Agrawal behind the success of the Deepawali Blog?

Who is Pawan Agarwal and how do I know about him, I saw a video on YouTube a few months ago which was an interview Satish kushwahaji’s video with Pawan Agarwal opened the way for me to move forward in my blogging career all my doubts got cleared

Pawan Agarwal is a hardworking person who worked hard to fulfill his dreams. There were many ups and downs in his life but due to his hard work, he achieved success which is example.

Here we will tell in detail some important facts related to the life of Pawan Agarwal. How did he present himself as a great blogger while struggling in his life?

Who is Pawan Agrawal behind the success of Deepawali Blog? learn and earn with Pawan Agarwal
image source https://www.deepawali.co.in/about-us

Image source https://www.deepawali.co.in/about-us

Let us know who is Pawan Agarwal Ji and what is the secret to the success of his blog Deepawali,

Mr. Agrawal is a resident of small-town Gadarwara in Madhya Pradesh and he has done engineering from MNIT Bhopal. And his career started with the TCS job,

He still remembers his moments, after that, he left his job in Rolta India in 2014 to blogging and in blogging preparing to create a history. Deepawali Blog By profession, he is Blogger, Youtuber, Influencer, and Digital Marketer

Founder of Deepawali blog and Director of AK Online Services Pvt Ltd

Pawan Ji has taken great care of women empowerment through the Deepawali blog, most of the writers in this blog and those who manage it are also women.

Deepawali blog started in 2013, which Ankita Agarwal Ji manages and is doing even today. He is his younger brother.

Seeing this working environment of दीपावली, he rejoined his job in 2014 and in May 2014 joined his team Deepawali completely with Ankita.

Suddenly moving forward, he came down completely

Suddenly in 2014 new updates came from Google and the traffic to their site went down. His blog traffic became down, which was because of SEO.

It was the complete opposite of what he had thought. He was worried about her, but he did not give up as far as I found him, he works with Feelings in his blogging career,

Why did the thought of ​​closing Deepawali come?

But there was an emotional attachment to the दीपावली ब्लॉग. So a decision was taken by meeting the team because the Deepawali blog was not only theirs, many people’s expectations were with him, so could not close it and bounced back.

And his first step was to understand SEO and which he started and shared with his team. And then slowly the traffic to the दीपावली site started increasing.

I think it is clear who is Pawan Agarwal now we will know how Pawanji turned blogger from Pawan Agarwal Youtuber and a motivational man who inspires many new bloggers Learn and Earn with Pawan Agarwal

Journey of Pawan Agrawal blogger to Pawan Agrawal YouTuber

After blogging, he started spreading his knowledge on YouTube to help the new blogger and such an amazing initiative that no one has done to date in his blogging career. Via Blog Review Series. learn and earn with Pawan Agarwal.

learn and earn with Pawan Agarwal

learn and earn with Pawan Agarwal pawan agrawal blogger

As a Youtuber, he started “Learn and Earn with Pawan Agarwal” and through this, he started reviewing blogs of new or less knowledgeable but hardworking people,

Due to this, he is not only a blogger whose blog has been reviewed, but every blogger is getting to learn a lot from that video.

I learned from Pawanji the best method, one web mention and the second is Observe and react and it is very useful for all bloggers and all YouTubers.


This is the story about Who is Pawan Agarwal please share your opinion in the comment section and wait for a new blog for one more great blogger.

Pawan sir posts his video on his YouTube channel learn and earn with Pawan Agarwal at 1 pm, for which I had to tell him “Digital Way For Earning  Itana intjar to salary ki date ka Nahi Hota jitana intjar 1 pm ka Hota he loves you, sir ”

I also thank Mr. Satish Kushwaha ( Satish K Videos )for this interview its changed many new bloggers’ life

Thanks, and Regards


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  1. Sir,
    I am very much fresher in this field and I am trying to learn WordPress and other technical tools required for blogging. And your blog review & suggestions are so encouraging. Thanks for sharing knowledge n motivation to new commer.

  2. Sir mujhe bhi bloging sikhna h. Mera name punam kumar h. Mai chhatisgarh state ke jashpur distict ke ek chote se villag se hu. Kaise sikhu Or kaha se sikhu plz guide kre

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