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WhatsApp launch an amazing new feature in march 2021 is

WhatsApp Mute videos now we send any video without sound using these new options

Now a WhatsApp launch new feature has come in WhatsApp if you have to send the video to someone, without audio, then whenever you send the video to someone, after selecting the video you will get a sound icon in the top left. After clicking on the icon which you want to mute, you can send the video without sound. From this new WhatsApp Mute videos.

Apart from this, there are many other options available in WhatsApp and many features are going to come about which we will discuss here today.

how to use WhatsApp Mute videos we share Below a screenshot

WhatsApp launch new feature in march 2021 WhatsApp Mute videos

WhatsApp Mute videos

Mute video is another feature. As the name suggests, this feature will allow users to mute the video before sending a contact. This feature has been released to users earlier than expected, WhatsApp launches a new feature for users

Voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web

Apart from this, there is another new feature which we all eagerly await. In fact, most users believe that WhatsApp should have launched this feature only last year when video calling became the only way to meet each other. WhatsApp is testing video and voice calls for the web feature and should be released soon.

WhatsApp Multi-device feature

We have been waiting for this Whatsapp feature for a long time. The messaging platform is testing the feature in the beta version, suggesting that it may be released very soon. As the name suggests, with this feature users will be able to log into their account on more than one device. Currently, users can only log in to their WhatsApp account on mobile.

Logout in WhatsApp 

This is another type of multi-device feature that the platform is currently testing. The report states, “Multi-device with WhatsApp Web: You can connect to the Internet using WhatsApp Web without your main phone. with login and logout options

Payment method in WhatsApp 

in WhatsApp, you can also send payment via payment options like UPI, GPAY, or Phone Pay its nice and easy options as well as other UPI App

WhatsApp Multi-device feature

As the name suggests, with this feature users will be able to log in to their account on more than one device. Currently, users can only log into their WhatsApp account on mobile.

for more details, you can also visit WhatsApp official blog https://blog.whatsapp.com/?lang=en

WhatsApp insurance

You’ll soon be able to buy insurance via WhatsApp in India. WhatsApp is going to bring insurance service for its users this year. The company will offer its service in partnership with SBI and HDFC Bank.


Read the letter

The read letter will be an upgraded version of existing archived chats. After moving a chat in reading the letter, there will be no notifications of WhatsApp for that chat. Along with this, users will also get the facility of vacation mode. An edit button will also be added to customize the settings in the read letter.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. The platform regularly comes with new features and updates that improve the messaging experience.

More recently, WhatsApp rolled out Dark Mode, increasing the limit of group voice and video calls from four to eight, often prohibiting forwarded messages to be sent to more than one chat at a time.

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is currently a favorite app of users worldwide. WhatsApp has been continuously launching and updating features to improve the messaging and chatting experience of the users.

The app is now preparing to launch many interesting and great new features in this new year to make the chatting experience of users enjoyable and fun.

This blog is about WhatsApp launch new feature its a WhatsApp Mute videos