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What is Youtube Shorts Fund new update in 21

YouTube Shorts Creators can also earn a lot of money with the help of YouTube Short. So today through this post you know how you can earn from $100 to $1000 by making short videos. But do you know how to make Youtube Shorts Videos? will tell you if not

What is YouTube Shorts Fund new update in 2021 and how its work 

What is Youtube Shorts Fund new update in 21

A new update has just been given to Youtube, in which it has been told about Youtube Shorts Monetization. In this update, YouTube has told that now shorts creators can also earn from $ 100 to $ 10000 per month.

Youtube has not put any subscriber watch time condition for this like 1000 subscribers to monetize the youtube channel and 4000 hours watch time on youtube video to be completed in the last 12 months.

But for this, some different eligibility criteria have been made. Income can be made only by following Youtube Shorts. But before starting that, you have to must be a YouTube channel.

So do you also want to know how to earn money from the Youtube channel?

Friends, there are many ways to earn money from Youtube. By reading which you can understand how to earn money from YouTube. But Youtube’s Monetization Policy has to be completed 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watchtime in the last 12 months. Difficulties have to be faced in completing it.

You must have seen that some people have initially hidden their Youtube Channel Ke Subscribers. There is probably only a Monetization Policy behind this and also the trust of the people.

But this update brought about Youtube Shorts has made everyone happy. Because there is no provision of a minimum limit for this. All you have to do is create and upload original short videos.

But the video created by you has to fulfill certain terms and conditions, only after which your monetization will be enabled. So let us know what are the eligibility criteria for this.

Youtube Shorts Fund Eligibility Criteria

Friends are the first criterion of Youtube Shorts Fund, which states that the channel must have at least one original short video in the last 180 days in the last 6 months.

Your shorts will be monetized only if your video complies with YouTube’s copyright, community, and monetization guidelines.

Friends, your short video should not be published on any other platform or social media, nor should there be any kind of watermark in the video. Like if you make a video in a free app, then the name or logo of that app comes in that video, it should not come, you have to make a video from the Shorts Tab given on YouTube.

Friends, in this you have been given the names of some countries, if you come to them only then you can take advantage of this update. In which it has been told that if you are a resident of America then your age is 13+ and if you are from India then it is necessary to be 18+.

Let us tell you that this rule is for Adsense from where you will get money. There you only have to fill in the details of 18+. As per the guidelines of Google Adsense. If you are not 18+ then you can also make it in the name of any big family members.How to get YouTube Shorts Fund Information about YouTube Shorts Fund eligibility criteria is also found. Now comes how to get Youtube Shorts Fund.

So let me tell you that if you already have an AdSense account then you can get a short fund in it, just you will get a claim message in the first week of every month and you have to click on a claim and enter details. Your money will come to your account.

Even if you do not have an Adsense account, you have nothing to worry about, when you will get the notification of the claim, you will also be given the option to create an Adsense account.

But you have to keep in mind that in the first week as soon as you get the message to claim the shorts fund, you have to make the claim. Otherwise, the fund will expire on the 25th of the same month.

Friends, you have to do this process every month. It is not that once the whole process is done it becomes free. No, every month you will get a claim message and you will also have to make a claim with full details.

Right now it cannot be said on what basis you will get money from Shorts. But yes YouTube will give good money to those people whose short videos will perform well and will be original.

what is Youtube Shorts Fund new update in 21 if you want to know more contact us or read youtube new updates



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