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What is Adsense Page CTR? How much percent CTR is safe?

If you are a blogger and have just placed Adsense ads on your website, then you need to know what is Adsense Page What is Adsense Page CTR? How much percent CTR is safe?

If you are a blogger and have just placed Adsense ads on your website, then you need to know what is Adsense Page CTR.

Today from this article, we are going to tell you how CTR is counted and up to what percentage Page CTR is considered safe.

We have been blogging for the last several years and we keep seeing that there is a lot of confusion about CTR (Click Through Rate).

New bloggers have no idea that what should be or should be the average CTR so that Adsense does not face any kind of threat.

learn it properly, CTR has been created so that those who want to boost their earnings with the help of Invalid Traffic, robotic traffic, and invalid Clicks,

can be kept under control. Because it is obvious that Google knows how many people click on Ads on an average out of the visitors who come to Organic Traffic.

But when someone’s CTR remains very high for several consecutive days, then Google comes to know that either Invalid Clicks are happening or most of the Traffic is Invalid. So in this affair as a penalty, either Google puts Ad Limit on your account or disables the account.

That is why this is a very important thing, it is important to understand very closely what is CTR and how it is counted. You should always know that what should be the CTR on the kind of traffic coming to your blog? Otherwise, nowadays Adsense account is very difficult to get.

If it goes out of hand, it will be very sad. Different people have different opinions about CTR. Some say that CTR up to such a percentage is considered safe,

then some say up to this percentage. So in such a situation, new bloggers have a lot of confusion that what percentage of CTR is safe man?

So just wait a bit and read the article carefully. First of all, we are going to tell you what is Adsense CTR and how it works.

When you understand this thing well, then you will tell what percentage of CTR is correct to save Adsense from being disabled.

What Is Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate)

It is very useful to be good at 2 things to earn more money from Adsense. The first is CPC i.e. Cost Per Click and the second is CTR i.e. Click Through Rate.

The more these two remain, the more your earning will be. Everyone knows about CPC that the amount of money you get on 1 click is called CPC.

So it is obvious that if CPC is more then there will be more earning and if it is less then less. But after that the main thing which is reducing or increasing our Adsense Earning is CTR. Let us understand what is Adsense CTR.

The full form of CTR is “Click Through Rate” which means in Hindi the rate of visitors who clicked on ads from the people who came to your blog. You understand something, if not, then let’s give you an example.

Suppose 70 people visit your blog every day. So your total traffic is 70. But you get 100 Pageviews Per Day in total from those people. Because many people after reading 1 post also read another post, so pageviews become more than total visitors.

How much should be Adsense CTR

Now let’s assume here that you got 5 clicks in those 100 pageviews, then your average CTR will be 5 percent. Do you understand how page CTR is counted? To calculate the CTR, Google calculates the percentage of total clicks. Understand the Formula of Adsense CTR

Multiply Total Clicks by 100, divide the total number of pageviews by whatever answer you get. In this way, your page CTR count is done. So you must have understood what is Adsense Page CTR and how it is calculated.

You must have also understood that it is very important to have a good CTR to earn good earning from Adsense. Otherwise, in very low CTR, you are not able to earn good earning even if you have a lot of Pageviews. CTR is actually the percentage of page views that have clicked.

Let’s assume that your Adsense Page CTR remains only around 1%. So according to this, you can get only 10 clicks even in 1000 pageviews. Despite having 1000 pageviews, what will you be able to earn by getting only 10 clicks?

For good earning, CPC, and CTR should also be good, then you can earn well. CTR will increase which will increase Clicks and Clicks will increase, then obviously Earning will increase. Let us now come to the real issue and know that how much you should be your Adsense Page CTR?

By what percentage is the CTR protected and what should be the CTR of the page, this is the problem with many new bloggers, they talk to different people to get information,

So someone tells them something and someone gives some different information. They do not get a satisfactory answer from anywhere that how accurate is the CTR so that the earning is also good and there is no danger to Adsense.

So know here, Adsense Page CTR can be different and best for everyone. Yes, how much Adsense CTR should depend on the content of your blog and the traffic coming on it. Yes, Secure CTR may be different for every blog.

So if someone tells you that there is no problem in CTR from 12% to 15%, then do not listen to him at all. Similarly, if someone says that page CTR should not go above 3%, then it can be dangerous, then don’t listen to him. because it can be different for everyone

You have to analyze your blog to know the right CTR. You must know where the traffic to your blog comes from,

For example, from social media or a Google search or a reference site, then only you are able to find a safe page CTR for yourself, for your blog.

Let us understand you through an example, suppose you have a blog on which Daily 5000 Traffic is coming. But out of these 5000, about 4500 traffic is coming from social media platforms. And there is another blog on which 5000 traffic is coming daily. But its entire traffic is almost organic.

Now if you ask that blogger, brother, what is Safe Adsense Page CTR? So he’ll tell you that up to 12-15% isn’t a problem, it’s safe.
You listened to him and stopped taking tension. After few days you came to know that your Adsense Account has been disabled.

You get tensed and you again go to that blogger and ask brother, is your Adsense also safe or gone?

He tells that no, mine is completely safe. Then you tell him that man, your CTR also remains the same, mine used to be the same. Then why was my Adsense disabled.

So for this, you need to understand what is Google Adsense Page CTR and how it is calculated,

The same happens with many bloggers and they disable their Adsense account after listening to others. We don’t want to prove here that the other blogger was giving you wrong information, he was telling you the truth, but try to understand why your account was disabled.

We told you that more than 75% of the traffic on other bloggers’ blogs was pure organic. But the traffic coming to your blog was mostly the traffic of social media platforms. This was just the reason why your Adsense got disabled but not your friend’s.

Because Google considers organic traffic to be the most genuine and Targeted traffic as compared to the traffic coming from other sources.

So stop asking others what should be the CTR which should be safe. You yourself see the traffic coming to your blog, set your own safe CTR accordingly. Study Google Analytics as much as you can

You must have understood what is CTR and how it works. Now we are going to tell you some important things here so that you will understand completely and completely what percentage of page CTR will be right for you?

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Read these points carefully.

If more than 50% of the traffic coming to your website or blog is organic, then CTR of 9% to 10% is also safe for you.

If more than 75% of the total traffic to your blog is organic, then you do not lose even 13% of page CTR.

If most of the traffic on your blog (65-75%) comes from social media platforms, then up to 5% CTR will be safe for you.

These were some important points from which you can understand that how much you should be your Adsense CTR? You see in which category your blog falls under these three points and how much CTR is reserved for those points.

Here you can understand that the whole game of Sara is of organic traffic. If most of your traffic remains organic, then even higher CTR shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if even 40 percent of your total traffic is not organic then you need to pay attention.

By the way, overall, 3-5% CTR is considered to be the best and safe, which is also good earning and there is no risk to Adsense Account. Hopefully, now you will not be under any confusion, you must have known very well that what should be the CTR.

And one more thing, that CTR is viewed monthly. So it does not mean that if your CTR goes above 15-20% for a day or two, then your Adsense will be disabled. If the CTR increases for 1-2 days then there is no need to worry. Always check your “Last 28 Days”, in this you will get less page CTR.

What is AdSense Page CTR How much percent CTR is safe ADSENSE CTR

How did you like the blog today, do tell us by commenting. If you have any questions then do ask us.

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