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Not use the laptop like this You may a childless it very Dangerous for your health so Do not use a laptop on your lap,

When you use the laptop for any of your tasks and are Using laptop on lap Not use like this You may a childless,

be careful, it is risky for you, maybe you can remain childless due to this. not use the laptop in this method

After the outbreak of Corona, most people are doing work from home, from school children to office workers are now working on laptops from home.

You may a childless

People from home, because of not having an office-like atmosphere at home, people are working from home and working in the house for hours on a couch or chair and keeping the laptop in their lap.
But most of the people did this, the thing which you people feel comfortable, it can prove to be dangerous for your health.

Let us tell you today that more use of laptops can also affect your health.

Infertility problems can also be increased by keeping the laptop in your lap for long periods of time.

And one thing we can clarify to you that a wifi connection connected to a laptop more than a laptop can prove fatal for you.
Thus, if you are working daily with a laptop in God, which you can unknowingly catch many serious diseases,
In such a situation, while working on the laptop, keep these things in mind and do not make such a mistake even by mistake.

Can prove more fatal for men.

According to a report, we are telling you that when the heat coming out of the laptop is more dangerous for men than women.

The reason for this is the texture of our body. Uterus occurs in the body of women, while in men the testicle is in the outer part of the body.

Heat radiation is closer to the reproductive part of men’s bodies. This dangerous heat of the laptop can cause sperm quality to fall, which can cause trouble infertility. Therefore, men should not forget and use the laptop while keeping it in their lap.

Other health problems due to working with the laptop on your lap It’s risky maybe You may a childless

Working with a laptop in a lap also changes the shape of the spine. And there are skin problems on the body,

The most important thing when using a laptop is to use Wi-Fi. Lala radiation is more deadly than a laptop when connected to a WIFI laptop.

So turn off WiFi immediately after the work is done. Also, turn on WiFi only when the net is working.

Use shield when you Using laptop on lap

When using a laptop, be sure to use the shield. You can avoid the dangerous heat and radiation emanating from the laptop.

If you do not have a shield, then use a laptop cover or thick cardboard under it.

If possible, when you work on the laptop, place the laptop on a wooden table or stool. Heat and radiation can be avoided by this.

Another thing to keep in mind is to have a light in the room using laptop on lap

When you are working, immediately shut down the laptop for a while when there is a sudden loud sound from your laptop, either when vibrating or when there is high heat.

Pay special attention to this while using the laptop. Make sure to turn the light on in the room where you are working. So that the light of the laptop does not fall directly on the eyes.

please be careful when you using a laptop on lap for your better health




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