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LOCAL SURVEY WE learn about the type of international and local survey and how to earn part-time from home.

Mostly local survey provide you the opportunity to earn part-time money while sitting at home.

today we will talk about the local survey in this way, sitting at home is a chance to earn part-time money,

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Market Research Survey In this, the company first surveys the market what products people want, pricing, quality, popularity, availability.

Then companies produce and market their products according to customer preferences. The best able to sell products service,

A survey is also done about job configuration so that people who are satisfied with their job,

कई लोगों को अपनी नौकरी बदलनी पड़ती है, इस सर्वेक्षण के बाद, नौकरी बदलने के लिए उत्कृष्ट नौकरी की पेशकश कर सकते हैं। स्थानीय सर्वेक्षण

Lead Generation Survey

is a survey that collects accurate and valuable data such as their qualification, asking some questions about products, purchase preferences, permission to contact them for more information, personal permission from them, etc.

ब्रांड जागरूकता सर्वेक्षण इसमें कंपनी के अधिकांश लोग अपने ब्रांड के बारे में सर्वेक्षण करते हैं, जिनके ब्रांड को अच्छी तरह से बढ़ावा दिया जाना चाहिए।

the brand awareness survey, most of the brands, recall value, brand identity, logo, brand loyalty, like most useful factors, Do not waste your time filling surveys. There is no time limit, According to your information, give the answer given in the form, There are options in many surveys, which have to be clicked completely, you have to feel the answer in the entire form,




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