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real or fake btrl exchange is all clarity step by step 2022

real or fake btrl exchange is all clarity step by step 2022
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Real or Fake BTRL Exchange all clarity step by step

Today we will go through some topics like a referral program, legal documents, support system by WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp group, future plans of the company, and updates are given through regular zoom meeting information through all this topic BTRL exchange real Or discuss fakes.

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Real or fake btrl exchange all is clear let’s start Introduction

Friends, in today’s article we will tell you about btrl exchange. Will this exchange be right for you? Because friends, nowadays a lot of scams are happening in the market. And the victims of these scams are common people. So friends, now you do not need to take tension at all. Because we review our website daily.

And tell me which company is best for you. And which company can scam you? That’s why you must visit the website daily. So friends today in this article we are going to tell you about btrl exchange real or fake. So let’s start.

About BTRL Exchange

Friends, if I tell you about the BTRL exchange, then BTRL exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange. Where trading in crypto coins and tokens is done. If you don’t know what is Cryptocurrency. So you can read our other post for that. Friends, here I have told you briefly about the BTRL exchange.

Office address

Friends, if I tell you about the office address of BTRL Exchange, the legal documents they have. The address of that legal document is Dwarka Mor Metro Station Near Gate No 2, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, 110059,

But the address on the BTRL website is Shiv Colony, Pinto Park Opposite Gupta Factory, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474005. So guys it can happen too. That they either have 2 offices. Or doing scams in the market in the name of the exchange.  The correct reason is that after the lockdown, the company closed its Delhi office and started a new office in Gwalior.

Products or services

Friends, if I tell you about the product and service of the BTRL exchange, then they have their own cryptocurrency exchange. And cryptocurrency crypto token development, website development, etc. are their products. And they also have their own crypto token. They have 2 crypto tokens. And another new token is launching in June. which is like this

1> BTRL token TRC20

Token Distribution…

BTRL’s total supply is 4500000

2> Garuda Token TRC20

What Is Garuda (Garuda)? Garuda built a platform to change the future Ecommerce industry with the facility of decentralized systems and data security. The world of e-commerce is about to change beyond belief as Decentralized technology brings incredible new opportunities to our society.

Garuda’s online crypto processing will instantly allow everyone to use cryptocurrencies for all payment aspects in the online shopping portals. There will be collaborations with the E-Commerce sector and will establish a portal under which all the payments will be done through Garuda tokens as per btrlexchange data


Circulating Supply:    45000 Garuda
Total Supply: 45000 Garuda
Max Supply:    45000 Garuda

3> Sunny Token TRC20

BTRL Refer and Earn Program

Friends, if I tell you about the refer and earn program of btrl, friends, they have started a referral and earn program plan. So that if you add someone to their exchange. And that person completes his KYC process and deposits 100 rupees from the KYC bank account. if you want to join so use this

So you get a level commission which is divided up into 9 levels. If you want to understand their plan, then we have written a complete post for you and have also given their pdf file for you below. You can see that too.

Pdf file link:-

Contact Details

Friends, if I tell you about the contact details of btrl exchange, then the email address on their website: and Mobile: +91 97148 26176 have been given. And they say that they will give you WhatsApp support only on deposits and withdrawals. This is the only support system they have.

Conclusion of Real or fake btrl exchange

Friends as you know. In today’s article, we were telling you about btrl exchange real or fake. So, friends conclude. This exchange is great. But which is their legal document and office address. There seems to be something wrong with them. But I have also told you the reason for it here, whatever is fine.

My opinion on real or fake btrl exchange

Friends, if I tell about my opinion, then I believe that according to exchange trading, it is new but better. And if you want to make money by teaming up then this exchange may be the right one for you. However, whenever you earn money from this exchange, you also have the option to get it instantly into your bank account.

But my opinion is that if you spend half of your money on cryptocurrency trading, then you can grow well. I hope you guys. that you would have understood our point. Which we have put before you about real or fake btrl exchange. So, friends, that’s all in today’s article.

And I hope that you must have liked this article on btrl exchange real or fake. If you have any doubt. So you can ask by commenting. What is your opinion about the btrl exchange? Do tell by commenting.

Please share your opinion about our article on real or fake BTRL exchange, about our article on real or fake BTRL exchange, Share with us if you have any positive or negative views on Real or fake BTRL exchange.

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