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On-page SEO 10 Seo Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic on your website or blog follow the below step to increase SEO

What is the difference between On-page and off-page SEO

On page SEO

increase website traffic by doing some changes to the website. change banner, contents, look and fead and theme an on-page SEO Techniques.

Off page SEO

increase website traffic not by doing some changes to the website. like SMS marketing, Social media marketing, backlink, etc, it’s an Off-page SEO

Below mentation 10 on page SEO techniques

On-page and off-page SEO 10 Seo Techniques

Use heading tags properly in your website or blog like H1 To H6 depend on your website’s contents, use must be your primary keywords in the heading.

Website speed is a very effective point for on-page SEO so frequently check your website speed and do changes as per requirements, you can check your website speed through some sites like https://gtmetrix.com/ and many options available for speed checker.

Bounce rate is most effective for on page SEO do focus on bounce rate if your website bounce rate is under 26% to 4 so it’s excellent, under 41% to 55% is average, 56% to 70% is lower than average, but its 71% or above so it is very disappointing.  you can check your website bounce rate through google analytics ac. and also from  Alexa.

  • open Alexa website
  • click on tools
  • free tools
  • website traffic
  • statistics

Site Map is a route of your website, first, check your website site map (www.yoursitename.sitemap.xml) if not available site map on your website so generates a sitemap for your website.

Open https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ then generate your website sitemap and send generated sitemap on your mail id after that updated sitemap on your website,

Robots txt. file webmasters create to instruct web robots (typically search engine robots) on how to crawl pages on their websites. The robots.txt file is part of the robots exclusion protocol (REP), a group of web standards that regulate how robots crawl the web if you don’t want to crawl some page like some sensitive data page, payment gateway page, any duplicate data pages, any private data, etc. at that time you can use robots.txt file

seo techniques On page SEO 10 off page seo

  • Note:- check your robots.txt like this https://Yourwebsitename.com/robots.txt

URL parameters mean Unique Resource link don’t use space, a hyphen, capital letters, and long characters in the URL

Inbound and Outbound links this is also very useful factors for SEO when you upload any content in your blog or website so make sure to use Inbound and Outbound links in the content,

What is Inbound and Outbound Links, if are you click on any link and you can redirect to the same website so it called the inbound link bot are you click on any link and you can redirect to any other related website so it called Outbound Links

the content most focusable topic for on-page SEO if anyone visits your website and he read 100 words and he can understand your website motive, 

so your content is too good so please focus on your first 100 words and your primary keywords as per your products, service, or niche. do not use repeated keywords and more than 3 keywords same article, or use synonyms, and never put the home page link on your keywords. 

Website hierarchy The better your site structure, the better your chance of ranking higher in the search engines.like your menu, Submenu, and other links

Mobile-friendly website 80% people are using mobile for browsing, so it’s a very helpful topic to increase SEO its effect on bounce rate and lead generation also.

If you want to check your website is mobile-friendly or not so open your website then click right-click on any page after that you saw inspect here you can check your mobile-friendly website view if it supports it.

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