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My first web story as a pushprajsinhzala very excited to learn this feature anyone helps me for it


I AM Pushprajsinh Zala Belong from India, Gujarat. at present, have experience in the finance sector loan department,

Digital marketing is my passion and my first love that’s why 08/12/2020 I resigned from my job and now I am working full time on blogging and other digital platforms

Some years I am writing poems but at that time I don’t know about blogging so I write poems in my dairy but now I think restarted poem writing on the blog

My education and focus is digital earning so today we are launching my website for this, it’s about me,

As an angel marketing owner, I want to start some projects for middle-class families for pat time jobs without any investment

so they are working from anywhere and earn money doing part-time work from home online using their mobile or computer via a social media platform.

Any housewife, students retire person, and who want an actual job for a better lifestyle for their families.

Thanks, and regards

Pushprajsinh Zala

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