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Whatsapp Web Kya Hai? Whatsapp Web Login Kaise Kare What is Whatsapp? And how to use Web WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is mostly used for sharing Text Massage, Videos, and Photos, Documents, etc. WhatsApp is most used in daily life because most people like Whatsapp Photo, Video, Text Massage, Document, etc. via Whatsapp Share

Type Of Whatsapp Application (Apps)

By the way, there are three types of Whatsapp, in today’s topic, we will talk today, “What are the different types of Whatsapp?” And what is WhatsApp web? And “How to use Whatsapp web?” Friends, you may have seen many ways of WhatsApp, but we will tell you how many real “Whatsapp App” are there, friends, we will give you accurate information about how many ways WhatsApp is, so let’s know what are the types of WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp
  • Whatsapp Business
  • Whatsapp Web Web WhatsApp

Friends, according to the original “Whatsapp Apk”, there are three types of “Whatsapp”, although Whatsapp Company is the same the Whatsapp is made in different types so that users do not have any problem, they can use Whatsapp according to their device. So that Whatsapp has been made in different ways


Whatsapp is used to share photos, videos, and documents, this is a simple one that was launched first, you can install this Whatsapp Apk on your mobile, it will be available on the Play Store very easily. You can also download the app in an iOS version on your iPhone, in this you get some special features like Photo Video Document Share and Emoji.

Whatsapp Business

Friends, you can use Whatsapp Business to increase your business, in this, you get some different features as you can also transact money in it and put Whatsapp Button in any of your social media accounts.

With Whatsapp Business, you can promote business to any of your groups, in this, you also get unlimited business plans. Whatsapp Business is mostly used for business only because Automatic Massage responds to the lack of time for the businessman. When a user messages on a Whatsapp business, its reply becomes automatic, you can also share photo documents, etc.

Whatsapp Business is available to you on both platforms “Whatsapp Apk” You can download both on Android and iPhone (iOS).

Whatsapp Web

Friends Whatsapp Web is a kind of Whatsapp website which is created by Whatsapp, WhatsApp-web is used for Computer, Laptop because Whatsapp App does not run on Computer and Laptop, so Whatsapp Company has developed WhatsApp web

To make it easier for the computer used to run WhatsApp, Whatsapp Web is used on computers and laptops, it is also a type of WhatsApp, in this, you can share photos, videos, documents, text messages, etc. It is completely WhatsApp. Acts like

Whatsapp Web Login Kaise Kare?

Friends, now we will tell you how to do Whatsapp Web Login. Friends, Web WhatsApp also acts like a Whatsapp App, with the help of this you can also share photo videos documents, it works only for computers and laptops.

Whatsapp Web is also a kind of website created by Whatsapp, it is a bit difficult to login into it because not everyone can log in to WhatsApp. web so we will tell you how you can log in to WhatsApp.web and how You can use Whatsapp, so let’s know how to login to Web WhatsApp?

How to log in to Web WhatsApp? Step by step

for Whatsapp Web Login, you have to follow the below steps.

Step 1.

First of all, open Whatsapp Web on your Computer / Laptop. https://web.whatsapp.com/ this is the website address for the WhatsApp web

Step 2.

After opening Whatsapp web, open WhatsApp on your mobile then clicks on 3 dots mention on the top right side as per the below image,

Step 3.

Then you will see some functions on your phone, there you have to click on the WhatsApp web, as soon as you click You will see the use of WhatsApp on other devise options as per the below image.

Step 4.

before that, you have to open the website of Web WhatsApp on your computer or laptop, it will open a page like an image given below, in which a QR code will be shown which you have to scan through your mobile.

whatsapp web qr code

Step 5.

like this, you can use Whatsappweb on your computer

Through the above 5 steps, you can do Web WhatsApp on your computer or laptop, If you like our blog, then you can tell us through comments. this is one of WhatsApp function





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