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How to Use BTRL Exchange in 5 steps joining KYC withdrawal and deposit

lets start today we learn about How to use btrl Exchange all function step by step like joining,

BTRL KYC, bank KYC, inr deposit, and inr withdrawal

How to Use BTRL Exchange


INR withdrawal

INR deposit

How to use Btrl exchange step by step

First we learn about what is btrl Cryptocurrency exchange and how its work, this exchange is one of best crypto trading platform from India and on this exchange more than 30+ cryptocurrency are trade in inr platform

Today we learn How to Use BTRL Exchange and there all function step by step

If are new users so first you want to create a account on Exchange for trading or investment with btrl kyc, and bank kyc as per instruction on site

For joining you have to go on btrl website https://btrlexchange.com/ then fill sign up form if you don’t have any refer link so click on my refer link then fill sign up process for joining because btrl have Owen refer and earn program up to 9 level for free cryptocurrency earning

btrl exchange sign up form

You don’t have nay refer link so use my link for registration After filling signup form you get one mail on your register mail id

Open mail and click on verify after that go to btrl website and login with your id and password then submit you kyc as per instruction

What is BTRL KYC and Bank KYC and how to upload on site

As per rules you have to submit your kyc for trading and investment like Aadhar card, pan card selfie with Aadhar card and bank passbook front page or canceled cheque for payment withdrawal and inr deposit for trading and investment as per your choice

btrl kyc bank kyc

Submit you KYC as per above instruction please upload selfie with your Aadhar card clean and visible for prompt approval all image must be of 2mb

btrl kyc bank kyc for inr deposit and inr withdrawal

When you upload all image so click on submit button then go to bank details options and foolow step for bank kyc

btrl kyc bank kyc for inr deposit and inr withdrawal on btrl exchange

And wait for 24hrs for kyc approval after approval you submit inr on btrl exchange for trading minimum inr deposit is Rs. 100 only and inr withdrawal is 200 inr only withdrawal charges is 50rs fix per transaction

How to inr deposit and inr withdrawal on btrl exchange

Open exchange and login in your account then click on Balance then click on deposit button in front of inr

inr deposit

Then you saw there one form in this form mentation all Details of exchange for fund transfer so save this details and add in your bank ac as a beneficiary

Use IMPS, NEFT & RTGS for Zero deposit fee. Deposit only via your registered bank account. Your deposit may take up to 24 working hrs. in verification process. Your can deposit from or withdraw money to your account only.

bank details of btrl exchange

Once you pay money in Btrl exchange bank ac then fill this from and instruction for inr deposit Minimum Amount For Deposit is 100 INR. IF Transaction Amount is Less Then 100 INR, Its Transaction Will Not be Considered.

Penalty For Wrong Deposit Report is 50 INR. Please share your “Transaction ID” only with us via above Reafference ID so we can track your inr deposit.

Image/Screenshot of payment slip is not required and if you providing the image must be jpg, png, jpeg and size must ne less than 4MB.

For inr withdrawal click on Balance then click on withdrawal button in front of inr here is 2 option for withdrawal once is bank withdrawal and 2nd is internal transfer we learn here first bank withdrawal  fill form for withdrawal then click for send OTP then open your register maid id and copy code and input in form and click on withdrawal button

inr withdrawal

Important Note: INR withdraw will be on registered bank details only. Withdraw Fee to bank : 50 ₹ per withdraw. Withdraw fee to another user by their registered email : 50 ₹ per withdraw
Maximum timing is for INR bank withdrawal is only 24 hours.

Second inr withdrawal option is internal transfer by using this option you can transfer fund in any other btrl exchange users ac by filling there register mail id and OTP in form

Inr withdrawal and inr deposit Btrl kyc and bank kyc is must be on btrl exchange without kyc approval you cant withdrawal your money in bank account so when you register on exchange as soon as possible submit your kyc for better service.

internal inr withdrawal

Btrl Exchange is very easy and user friendly cryptocurrency trading website for beginners exchange have WhatsApp customer support  for there users.

In this blog we learn about How to Use BTRL Exchange if you have any queries and suggestion so please comment us we will solve it and follow your suggestion if any, if you want to know about any other option of btrl exchange so comment us we also write on it in our blog.

How to Use BTRL Exchange other function like trading, coin transfer on other exchange, and  how to use other platform for trading like btc, eth, trx, btrl so comment us

Btrl kyc and bank kyc is must for using all function smoothly so submit your btrl kyc as soon as possible if your btrl kyc and bank kyc is still pending

Many Old and new users have quotations about BTRL Exchange all options use, that’s why we will try to explain How to Use BTRL Exchange and how all main function are working in this blog.

So enjoy best cryptocurrency trading website and earn more money and coin also increase your investment with btrl exchange here is very easy inr deposit and inr withdrawal option

For better and easy trading in cryptocurrency register and upload your btrl kyc and bank kyc and start earning with btrl

Many people have issue like image size popup block on there mobile when they doing btrl kyc if you cant upload kyc on proper way so call on customer care no for properly submit your btrl kyc they help you.

Please comment us if you have any quotation regarding How to Use BTRL Exchange, KYC,  inr withdrawal and inr deposit.

Next blog we discuss about How to Use BTRL Exchange other functions step by step like balance, history, stacking etc.

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