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How to make a website free on google tips of free website making 2021, build a website free on google

Everyone wants to make a site for free, someone wants to make a website for their personal work, someone builds a business to grow, someone wants to earn money by creating a blog, it is not so difficult to create a web site, let us know how to make a site.

Today we learn how to make a website free on google with a free site making tips

how to make a website free on google

Why make a website:-

Websites are created because someone’s hobby is to share their content on the Internet, someone wants to earn money, someone wants to reach their knowledge to people, they want to make their brand and they want to earn money.

Few ways to make a professional website free, website making tips

To create a website for free, Google itself provides a platform, in which no hosting is required or domain has to be purchased, it becomes a site absolutely free. All we need is an email account to create a website for free

Log in and Create a Free domain and Free hosting for the website

First of all, we have to go to Google and search Blogger, then open a Blogger site and log in with Gmail id, after logging in, blogger gives us the free domain and  free hosting for our site,

We have to click on New Blog, after going to New Blog, enter the title of the blog and What type of domain do we want, write the name of that domain and click on next, then our web site is created.

Title, description for our blog or website

After our website is created, we first have to customize that site, first of all, we have to go to the settings of the blog and put the title, description correctly and after that enable the meta tags and also put the meta description

Select Theme as per our website

To make the website professional, a good theme is needed, although the blogger itself gives the theme, we should use a mobile-friendly responsive theme, you go to Google and search for a good theme and download it,

then go to the theme to edit it. Go to HTML and click on restore and upload the theme by clicking on the upload option, After the theme is uploaded, you can customize the theme by going to the layout, put your logo in it, design the theme according to you, create a page, connect social media accounts.

Write Unique post for the website

After the website is set up, we should start writing the post, we should write unit content for the blog so that the ranking is quick and write the block length of 1500 to 2000 words so that we can rank our article on the first page of Google.

We need to write content on low competition keywords for blog posts, before writing the article, do thorough research about the keyword on which we are showing the article so that our article is different.

how to indexing and crawl a website

After setting up our money and writing the post, we have to get that post indexed to show it on Google, go to the settings for intake, and enable robots txt, after enabling robots txt,

We have to set up custom robots.txt so that robots You can tell which page to crawl or not and which bot can see our website, robot txt is custom made for which page not to crawl.

After Robots txt is set up, we have to submit the website by going to the Google search console and create a sitemap and submit it to the google search console so that Google can crawl the website and index its posts, and rank in Google’s own page.

how to earn money on a blog

How to earn money from a blog, there are many ways to earn money from blogs, the biggest way to make money from blogs is Adsense, all bloggers earn only through Adsense,

You can also earn money from Affiliate marketing with Adsense and by promoting blogs. Money can also be earned.

How to Approve AdSense account

It is very important for us to get approval of the Adsense accounts on the block to earn money. To get the approval of Adsense, you have to write unique content and you should apply for Adsense only after writing at least 30 posts,

we should create an About us, Privacy Policy Contact us page to get the approval of Adsense so that the approval is quick.

Told you about how to make a website for free, how to set up the website, how to rank it, all this has been told to you, which you must have liked, share this post on your social media, try to reach organic traffic

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how to make a website free on google with free domain and free hosting



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