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How to earn cryptocurrency with BTRL MLM Plan in 2021,

BTRL exchange is one of the best trading exchanges in India also they give chance to earn cryptocurrency

NOW they are launch MLM plan, Before understanding The BTRL MLM plan we learn about btrl exchange, Bitcoin Regular (BTRL), and Garuda coin,

What is BTRL Exchange – and How to join BTRL MLM Plan

Here you can sell & purchase your crypto. Your fund is fully safe without any risk factors. This is such a type of exchange where you can trade in the INR market and withdraw your fund in your bank account. Gaffer it Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides you safety & security of your fund. Thank you.

What is Crypto Shop? Crypto Shop – It’s coming soon in the worldwide market. Here you will be able to proceed with shopping with your crypto. A secure QR code will be much fruitful for all BTRL exchange users to shop well.

From all over the world vendors can touch here to promote their business fully free. The public will be able to purchase daily needs and many more things. Cheers! and more think they give you a chance to earn cryptocurrency in free

What Is BTRL (Bitcoin-Regular)?

Bitcoin-regular online crypto processing will instantly allow everyone to use cryptocurrencies for all payment aspects in the online shopping portals. BTRL (Bitcoin Regular) is based on TRC20 technology. Total quantity is 45,00,000.

The Burning system is also added for nine years. After every six months dates are 1 June & 1 January of every year 50,000 BTRL will be burned. So after nine years, its total quantity will be 36,00,000 only.


GARUDA Coin is a Booster Coin of Bitcoin-Regular (BTRL). GARUDA has been launched as a booster coin of BTRL. GARUDA (Garuda) is based on TRC20 technology. The total quantity is 45,000 only.

Burning system is also added for nine years. After every six months dates are 1 June & 1 January of every year 500 Garuda will be burned. So after nine years, its total quantity will be 36,000 only.

इस BTRL MLM PLAN में ज्वाइन होने के लिए आपको बताये गए पैकेज में से कोई एक पैकेज पसंद करना हे और उसका ऑन साइट पेमेंट करना हे

खास बात अगर आपको ALL इनकम लेनी हे तो आपका आई डी लगाने के 1 WEEK  के अंदर 2 डायरेक्ट आई डी लगानी जरुरी हे वार्ना आपको ROI के अलावा की कोई भी इनकम नहीं मिलेगी ref id : https://btrlmlm.com/register?sponser=BTM9792989

यह सभी पैकेज राशि छह महीने के लिए आगे की आय के लिए स्टैकिंग पर होगी, जो आपकी पसंद के अनुसार renewable and upgradable योग्य है और आपको अपनी पैकेज राशि का GARUDA कॉइन मिलेगा।

नोट :- आईडी प्लेसमेंट शुल्क 1 $ है और गैर-वापसी योग्य है।

  1. BTRL MLM Plan some benefits as per below

1) Package Choice
2) Self Income
3) Growth Income
4)Direct Income
5) Binary From Unlimited Level In Daily Mode
6) Life Time Matching Reward
7)Royalty Club


  1. 10$ Package
  2. 50$ Package
  3. 100$ Package
  4. 500$ Package
  5. 1000$ Package
  6. 5000$ Package

Your all packages amount will stake for six months for further income, which is renewable and upgradable as per your choice and you will get GARUDA of your package Amount. ID Placement Charge is 1$ and it’s not refundable.


0010$ & 0050$ Package 09% for six months

0100$ & 0500$ Package 18% for six months

1000$ & 5000$ Package 27% for six months



You will get all payout in BTRL, Your hold assets can multiply many times according to BTRL growth. Direct INCOME Two directs ID compulsory within one week to take working INCOME.

Your all reference will place left and right automatically. You will get 10% off your all direct reference instantly.


From Unlimited Depth

1 st Level to 9th Level 30% of ROI

10th Level to 19th Level 20% of ROI

20th Level to 29th Level 10% of ROI

30th Level to 39th Level 05% of ROI

40th Level to Unlimited Depth Level 02% of ROI

You will get this income from your unlimited depth business. Lifetime matching rewards without any time boundation.

Matching Rewards

  1. 10000$ Matching Laptop Or Rs. 50,000
  2. 20000$ Matching Bullet Bike Or Rs. 1,50,000
  3. 30000$ Matching World Tour Or Rs. 5,00,000
  4. 50000$ Matching Brezza Car Or Rs. 8,00,000
  5. 100000$ Matching Honda City Top Model Or Rs. 15,00,000
  6. 200000$ Matching 4 BHK Flat Or Rs. 1,00,00,000

btrl mlm plan reward

Note:- All image of rewards only for sample

Royalty Club INCOME

The company will distribute its 5% in all royalty club income. 100000$ Matching the IDs will enter in royalty club for royalty income. 10000$ business is compulsory every month for Royalty club members to achieve this income.

After six months you can withdraw the amount or renew your package amount, if you renew you have to complete two directs within one week to continue your all income.

  • Capping
  1. 10$ Package 2$ per day
  2. 50$ Package 10$ per day
  3. 100$ Package 20$ per day
  4. 500$ Package 100$ per day
  5. 1000$ Package 200$ per day
  6. 5000$ Package 1000$ per day

इस btrl mlm plan में मिलने वाले कॉइन को आपको सेल करने के लिए आपका btrl exchange पे kyc approved अकाउंट होना जरुरी हे तो आप इस वेबसाइट पर जाकर अपना अकाउंट बना सकते हे https://btrlexchange.com

For more information please download the btrl mln plan pdf file

if you have any questions and queries and for joining link please WhatsApp me 9662190557, btrl MLM plan website is  http://www.btrlmlm.com, for btrl trading ac visit on www.btrlexchange.com and register your self with KYC, VISIT THIS BLOG FOR KYC AND REGISTER PROCESS ON BTRL EXCHANGE, btrl also give chance earn cryptocurrency in free.

How to earn cryptocurrency btrl exchange also give you chance to earn free cryptocoin visit website for more info



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