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How to increase blog traffic easy In the 2021 step  today we learn about blogs traffic improvement tips in easy and simple language

in this article, we look at how to increase blog traffic don’t write copy content for traffic improvement,

never use any Adult or illegal content in a blog here we mention some tricks to increase blog traffic so follow this 

Increase Blog Traffic

here we mentation some tips for increase blog traffics And Boost Engagement With These Methods hopefully its help you

Your blog improve at least 30% after using these all tips and they all are free tips 

Copy and paste never follow for content 

Start with the First step never use any Copy and paste method for your blog think about your topic

then write on it as per your knowledge and research write a minimum of 350 words in  if you are a beginner 

Don’t use and Adult or illegal content in a blog

Don’t use and Adult or illegal content in a blog carefully write content in your blog never ever use any type of adult, illegal content and image in your post

Focus on speed and mobile-friendly blog

For increase traffic on blog Best part is Focus on speed and mobile-friendly theme and plugin because people are using mobile fon more than the computer so focus on mobile-friendly

Write a minimum 2 posts in a weak 

if you are a beginner so Write a minimum 2 posts in a weak then increase the posts on your blog and also use a minimum of 5 niches for your blog content in a starting stage of your blog 


how to increase blog traffic easy In 2021 step by steps

Use WordPress approve theme to increase blog traffic

Main and useful tips use WordPress approve theme in your blog don’t use any normal and unauthorized theme for your blogs

and also use trusty plugin here we mentation some plugin which helps you for better results

  • Yoast SEO 
  • Contact Form 7
  • Smush
  • Table press
  • AMP
  • Site kit by google 
  • OneSignal Push Notifications
  • Google Language Translator
  • Elementor (best for beginner)

Use top-level Domain like.com, .net, .in. .co.in 

when you book a domain for your blog so Use top-level Domains like .com, .net, .in. .co.in never use any other domains

this type of domain easy to rank so invest some amount for your domain and hosting  

Create all required pages on your blog like About us, privacy policy, Contact us, Terms and conditions

After the book, your domain, and hosting your first step After installation WordPress is to Create all required pages on your blog like

  1. About us
  2. privacy policy
  3. Contact us
  4. Terms and conditions 

Focus on a Longtail keyword to increase blog traffic and traffic improvement

this is the most important factor for increased blog traffic Focus on a Longtail keyword if you are new to  blog writing,

So kindly Focus on a Longtail keyword in beginning then step by step use the short keyword as per your content in a blog 

Update posts from time to time

it’s a very helpful tips to fresh your content so update your old post from time to time made some changes in your old post  

Insert an image as per your post and content

when you use any image in your blogs like feature image or any other images so keep in mind image size, quality never use any copy images

for your blog using the canva website for creating free and attractive images as per your requirements  

The most and important trick choose your blog niche as per your mastery 

Hosting company and hosting tenure

Blog traffic improvement and blog awareness most and powerful tips are your hostings so use the popular hosting website,

For your website then book any hosting as per your budget but never compromise and choose any local hosting we suggest you prohosty for the best web hosting visit once then decide 

Best cheapest Web hosting for a newcomer in the blog for WordPress Visit our Blog WordPress and hosting Category 

Thanks, and regards

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