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How to earn money from social media for free in 2020 today no need for unique content

we learn about free earning from social media platforms today, So let’s start with no need for unique content or extra skills

here we have many options to earn money from social media like blogging, Facebook monetization, youtube channel, google AdSense, etc.

but they all are a very lengthy process, and required extraordinary knowledge and content to start earning,

but today I will give you 1 free joining platform to start earning from home its a work from home

and free of cost, you can earn money from this platform without any investment and without any unique content. before we learn this concept we will discuss the above given some platforms in blogging you have unique content and unique topic

for blog writing and youtube channel, the same thing you know about video editing you have different and unique content for video, you have to be aware of copyright issues and other many parameters you have to follow.

Facebook also allows monetizing your Facebook page, but again, you need unique and different content for this platform is time-consuming and too much longer to start earning.

zero joining mlm plan in india 2020 no need unique content
zero joining MLM plan in India 2020

Today I will tell you about 1 company. The company gives you free of cost to earn money from social media for free in 2020.

The name of the company website is. By visiting this website more than www. pushprajsinhzala.in now you can register for free and start a means of earning money from your social media platform. Here I will give you a link. Use the link that you have to register there and the registration is absolutely free, http://pushprajsinhzala.in/register?RFId=550996

To work with this company neither do you need any unique content nor do you need any extraordinary knowledge.

This company gives you a platform. The platform you use is just normal work that you do on today’s date, earn money from social media

as you use Facebook, and share comments like a post on Facebook. You use YouTube, you watch videos there, as per like videos, you comment, there is a good YouTube channel so you subscribe, you subscribe to Instagram,

using like Instagram, you like to comment and share Instagram posts. If the profile is good, So the simple thing is that you have to do the same work things with this company. But you have to follow instructions, and then you can earn rupees through social media

there this company is giving you a very good chance to earn money from social media platforms without any cost without unique content.

So let me give you information about this concept. You do not have to pay a single rupee for joining this concept,

Once you join there from the following link, after joining, then you have to complete some task once you completing the tasks will make you’re joining active. about tasks,

I will give an example, follow a given Facebook page, You have to vote for a video,

install any application, or comment on a Facebook post, there will be a simple process and you earn 5 rs in your wallet,

After that, daily, you will have different tasks coming there. And you will get 50% money for whatever task will be there,

The remaining 50% will be the distributor in your upline 5 level and I have given the distribution chart below so that you can understand.


I tell you an example. As if I have referred a person, as soon as this subject joins my referral link and he completes it his ID is activated after confirmation from the company in 24 to 48 hours.

As his ID becomes active, that person will get rs 5 from the company and I will get rs 1 to refer,

if you refer your team members to your team and he completes the tasks, then he will get Rs 5 and you get 1 rs for referring him to complete that date.

it’s very simple no need for unique content or any extraordinary skill and knowledge just follow company instructions and start to earn money from social media


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