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How to do On-Page SEO ? 7 topics for SEO search engine optimization

your website and blog to improve your rank in google If you want to bring millions of traffic to your website, then you have to do On-Page SEO. Necessary. Now you must be thinking that how to do On-Page SEO? So, guys, you don’t have to worry It is not necessary because today we will tell you how to do On-Page SEO through your post? its full is going to provide information.

How to do On-Page SEO ? 7 topics for seo search engine optimization

What are the types of SEO? There are two types of SEO. Which is as follows:-

1. Off-Page SEO:- Search Engine Optimization 

Create link building for your site or blog, and social media promotion, etc. are done in the Off-Page SEO process. However, Off-Page Search Engine Optimization also Websites are important for ranking.

2. On-Page SEO:- Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research, article quality, tags, titles, etc., are done under On-Page SEO. If If you do not do On-Page SEO then your website will not rank on Google search engine. that’s why It is said that only the article does not matter for website ranking. Rather, On-Page SEO also It is very important to do. and image SEO is also very important

On-Page SEO Checklist

  • Crawl your website.
  • Conduct an SEO audit and define your site architecture.
  • Update URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions.
  • Make sure your keyword is in your URL.
  • Include your keyword throughout your page.
  • Track keywords and topics for each page.
  • Don’t keyword stuff.
  • Techniques to do On-Page SEO?

If you also want to bring millions of traffic to your website, then you have to do On-Page SEO. It is necessary to do So let us know below what is the technique of doing On-Page SEO:-

Focus on the quality of the article for Search Engine Optimization?

First of all, you have to pay attention to the article’s quality, which is most important. You … Yourself Write quality articles on the website and try to put new and exciting articles every day. Do it. Google won’t promote you if you put poor quality articles on your website

Will do Apart from this, your users can also unfollow your website. if you quality If you publish articles, then your post will rank and a lot of traffic will come.

Try to write a big article?

If you write fewer word articles then your post will not appear in Google’s top 10. so because Because fewer word articles are not ranked quickly, the only article ranks in the top 10 which is better. Information and articles should be written in more words.

If you also want your written post to rank in Google Top 10, you can read the big article. Try writing. But, a big article does not mean that you write wonderful things. A large article means that you provide correct and accurate information.

Is it necessary to optimize the title?

Optimizing the title is also necessary to do On-Page SEO. That’s because, When the search engine crawls your written post, it also sees the title of the post. Apart from this, you have to make the title attractive. So that, even if the users do not want to click on your post Click and read the post.

Is it necessary to create SEO Friendly Url?

When you create the post URL, put the Main Keyword in it and not make the URL too big. The thing It is necessary to take care of. This does not confuse Google. Also, when you create Url Do not use Comma, brackets, etc. at all.

Write an article by doing research?

If you write any kind of article, then first do keyword research. so that you know To check whether the keyword we are working on has a search result or not. Google if you want Through Keyword Planner, you can do keyword research and write traffic posts.

Do not do Keyword Stuffing at all?

If You Use Keyword Stuffing Readers On Your Site You May Get Bad Results could. And Google also does not like the site where keyword stuffing readers are used. Comes. Many people feel that if they will use Keyword in their blog article So their traffic will increase a lot.

But let me tell you clearly that if you think like this If so, this is absolutely wrong and your traffic will decrease instead of increase.

Focus on the first paragraph of the article

If you are writing your post then you have to Paragraph once in 100 words at the beginning of the article Have to focus on. So that your Google to the content should not be difficult to understand. Simultaneously You should place the first paragraph before the content of your post. Linking is required.

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I hope you know how to do On-Page Seo? What is the technique of doing On-Page Seo? from etc. Relevant details must be understood. If you do not know how to do On-Page SEO, then you can read this article Read carefully. You will understand how to do On-Page SEO.

Here we discuss How to do On-Page SEO in 2021 I think it’s useful for you.

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