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Image Optimization in SEO If you search by searching on google and looking for How to do Images Optimize in Blog, you have opened the right post.

How to do Image Optimize in Blog some trick in 2021

Dear Friends, any site needs to optimize the image and add it to your blog, because when you index your blog’s post in google’s search engine, at that time along with your post writing you Also pay attention to the backlinks, tag, and images of the website.

Image optimization improves the ranking of image search in google and the performance of your website, so it becomes very important for On-Page SEO that you optimize and add images to your website. By which the user experience, performance, and SEO of your blog will improve.

This problem mostly happens with new bloggers, because they do not know how to do image optimization, due to which their image does not search engine friendly on google, which is why even after writing good posts on the blog. Not much organic traffic can come.

How to do Image Optimize in Blog image seo

So let us know below which process I use for How to do Image Optimize in Blog

Why should you do Image Optimization?

There are many benefits of doing image optimization, such as suppose you have an image and it is 1MB, 800kb, or 200kb and you upload that image to your blog without compressing, due to which your web page slows down and has a bad effect on your user experience.

There are many such free tools to optimize the image, with the help of reducing the file size of your image and making the load time of your page faster. Due to which the bounce rate of your blog will be less and the chances of your post being ranked will increase.

Apart from this, if you use the correct name (Rename) and alt tag for your image, it will make your article more SEO friendly and rank your blog’s image in google’s image search and traffic to your blog. Can come

How to do Image Optimization according to?

How to make website image SEO friendly? For this, I am telling you step-by-step below what things you should keep in mind before uploading the image in your blog so that later you will not have any problem with that image.

Select the right image for the blog
If you are the owner of a website or a blogger, you must have used the image for your site or blog and if you resort to google to download that image, you may get into trouble later because Those images may be copyrighted.

Choose Right Images On Google


Choose Right Images On Google SEO search engine

Therefore, whenever you search the image for your block, then search very carefully. For copyright-free images, you will find many such websites from where you can download the image without any copyright. Websites like Pixabay, FreeGigitalphotos, Pexels, and Freeimages from where you can download stock images for free and use them in your blog.

If you know how to use Photoshop, then you can create a custom image for your blog by yourself. Apart from this, there are many websites for creating custom images like Canva, Picmonkey which are also very popular. You can see the top image I made on Canva.

You can also create a custom image for your blog from Canva, it is very easy to use, any non-designers can create a custom image for themselves from here. But never by mistake, do not use the image of google on your blog.

Resize Image’s (Hight & Width)

If you upload any photos in your article without resizing and resize it here in the post editor then it is absolutely wrong way because whenever the browser will load this page then this image will load in original size and dimension. will be Which can increase the loading time of your site.

Whenever you download an image, first of all, resize the size of that image and keep the size of that image not more than 650X360 pixels. To resize the image, you can take the help of Photoshop or a paint tool on the computer. Apart from this, you can take the help of online tools like PicMonkey, Picresize, Simpleimageresizer.

Compress Image

The higher the file size of the image, the longer it will take for the page of your site to load. Therefore, whenever you upload an image to your blog, before that you must compress the size of that image.

Do not use a high-quality image on the blog at all, try to keep the size of the image within 100kb, if you can keep it within 50kb then even better. There are many tools available online for image compression like TinyPNG, Compressor.io, Optimizilla, ImageOptimizer, with the help of which you can compress high-quality images up to 80%.

Images like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP are often better than PNG, JPEG which means faster downloads and less data consumption. I upload all the images of my blog by converting them to WebP. To convert the image to WebP, you can use online tools like ezgif, cloud convert, imageonlineConvert, with the help of which you can reduce the file size of the image without losing quality.

Choose the right name for the image file

Before uploading the image in your blog post, rename that image according to the keywords. Many bloggers do not pay much attention to the file name of the image.

How to do Image Optimize in Blog it’s very useful for search engine

You must have also noticed that when you download an image from any website, the name of that image is something like “08asfsk.PNG or 437rjwk. jpg” so their image is not SEO friendly according to the search engine. Whenever you rename the file name of an image, you must use the main keyword in it, this will ensure that your image will be able to get a higher ranking in the search result.

Whenever you write the name of the image, you must use a dash(-) in the middle and write in the latter’s small.

Use Alt Text

It is very important to use alt text for on-page SEO, in simple words, alt text is used to describe the image. This lets the search engine know what your image is about.

If you do not use alt text in your image then you are losing a lot of traffic because google only reads the image using alt text and shows it to its user. Therefore, to make your article completely SEO friendly, definitely use alt text in the image.

If you have a blog on Blogger, then after uploading the image, you must go to its setting and use the title text and alt text, as in the screenshot below.

we mention some tricks for How to do Image Optimize in Blog, How to do Image Optimize in Blog this is a useful blog or not please comment us

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