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How much time does it takes to earn from blogging many peoples have this question in 2021, The right tips for the blogger.

If you are thinking to start blogging or you have created a new blog, then you must know how much time does it take to earn money from a new blog?

This is a common question that hundreds of new bloggers search on the net every day. But still, people are not able to know the truth about blogging. and How much time it takes to earn from blogging

Every day many people are making new blogs to earn money. But after working on it for 6 -12 months, 70 to 80% of bloggers leave blogging. Why does this happen?

The main reason for this is the research done by them about earning money blogging on the Internet, and they got incomplete and false information about it. because they don’t know the answer to How much time it takes to earn from blogging

Due to this once there is enthusiasm among the new blogger that now we too can earn a lot of money by creating a blog. But as time passes, their enthusiasm also cools down. The main reason for this was that he had incomplete information about “how long does it take to earn money from a blog”.

How much time it takes to earn from blogging in 2021

Because everyone visits a lot of blogs before starting blogging, read many posts about it, and also watched videos and interviews of many bloggers but alas no one told them the truth about blogging.

Everyone just kept telling them that by blogging you can earn good money in a very short time. if you learn properly How much time it takes to earn from blogging

Many old famous bloggers and YouTubers do not give complete information, it is my personal experience that people become regular visitors of their blogs and YouTube and consider them big bloggers or YouTubers.

Poor people who started blogging do not understand all these things, they just silently believed what they are told. And follow him only if he finds his mind, he is not able to choose a new path, from here the path of his progress can also be closed.

Later on, they get only one thing, and that is a failure. If you do not know about something very well and there are misunderstandings about it, then sorry you will have to bear the loss. There is something similar in blogging, and this is the bitter truth of blogging, whoever did not understand it well, ruined him.

The truth of the time taken to earn money from blogging

Every day lakhs of new bloggers come to the country, initially, they do good blogging for a few days, but after a few days the money worm wakes up in their minds. But if it is necessary to have patience in making a successful blogger, here you have to work hard for 1 to 2 years without stopping and that’s it.

That’s where their path becomes difficult. The day it comes to earning money in your mind, you stop focusing on blogging.

The only thing going on in your mind is how many days it takes to earn money from a new blog? Nothing is happening right now. After that, your attention gets distracted, which starts affecting your content. Due to this, your Google Ranking goes on deteriorating and you leave blogging after losing one day.

I have been blogging for the last 1.5 years, I have one on which work is going on regularly. We would like to give you a little information about them so that you can get some help from them and you can learn something.
I was thinking in the last 4 that it was difficult for me due to my job blogging or starting a youtube channel and my English was not so good, then I gave up my idea, but in 2020 when the lockdown started. I took a decision and started my blogging by taking domain hosting for blogging and slowly started writing according to my interest and knowledge.

How long does it take to earn money from a blog?

Many years ago, I could not do blogging but I started blogging exactly one and a half years ago.

This question had already come to my mind how long does it take to earn money from blogging. So I started searching about it on the internet. I found many such posts about this in which it was written that after working for 3 to 4 months, you will start earning a lot of money.

I got a lot of encouragement after reading such posts, I started feeling that now it is only a matter of 3-4 months, after that, I will also start earning a lot of money. I am sure that every person who started blogging must have got similar information. But I wanted to be more sure that it will happen, right?

That’s why I commented on the blog of many Blog Owners that tell me the truth, how much time does it take to earn money from Blog, and how many months does it take?
They all told me almost the same. Some said that 3 months and some said that it takes at most 6 months.

You will not believe that many people have started earning money even after 1 month. After listening to all of them now I could not control them, just wanted to start my blog as soon as possible. And I did that too.

Today many new and old bloggers must be reading this article. We are sure that when they started blogging, they must have got the same information as us, (If you want to share your experience, then you can comment on us.) Which was completely baseless and only to confuse the new bloggers. There were things.

The reality is that no one has made the old bloggers and new bloggers aware of how long it takes to earn money from blogging. We are not calling all those people here liars, some people may be telling the truth because there was something else at that time,

A lot has changed in the last years and blogging has also changed a lot. According to Google itself, its Hindi content has increased by more than 60% in the last two years. So now you can make a blogging career in Hindi too, from you can get an idea of ​​how many new Hindi bloggers have come into the field in these 2 years. Their number is in the millions.

The competition has become very tough. You can also do blogging in your local language, this is also a good opportunity for you in the coming time.

This is the reason why it was very easy to be successful in blogging 2-3 years ago today. Because at that time it was not a difficult task to rank on any keyword. Google also had a similar lack of Hindi content.

That’s why Google used to rank any post easily. This is the reason that most of the people who started blogging 2-3 years back and are doing till now, most of them are successful and earning good money too. Because his posts were ranked only when the number of Hindi blogs was very less.

Even today, he is getting thousands of traffic from his post. I can name many such Hindi blogs but I do not want to mention any blog here. That’s why we are saying that not everyone is a liar, some people were telling the truth according to that time. Because he had experienced it.
(In the coming time, you can rank by blogging in Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and many languages, it is good to start from now.)

But the problem occurs when even today new bloggers ask someone how long it takes to earn money from a new blog and many people are still giving them the same answer. Or even on searching today, they get to read the same old posts which tell that in 2 to 3 months you will start earning good money.

This confusion is the reason most new bloggers fail. This thing settles in their mind from the very beginning and when it does not happen after some time, then everything starts to seem false to them. Frustrated, they say goodbye to blogging. Both their hard work and their dreams of earning money are shattered.

We want to give you the latest information about blogging, we want that now people who are trying to start blogging to earn money should know the truth about earning money from blogging. So that nobody’s time is wasted and they know very well whether this field will be right for them?

How long does it take to make money from a new blog?

There can be no single answer to how long it will take to earn money from a blog. Because it depends on many things. Many things depend on how many days you will start earning from your blog. Let us know which are those points.

  • What topic are you blogging on?
  • How is your content?
  • How is your blog (theme and design etc.)
  • How is your hosting?
  • How is your website speed?
  • How is your backlink profile?
  • How many posts do you publish in a week?
  • How much do you share your content?
  • How much time are you giving to blogging every day?
  • How much do you know about SEO?

These are the points that affect your blog. Any new blogger knows all these things very well before starting blogging. He starts earning money quicker than others. For people who do not know about them at all, it takes 6 months to learn these things.

Now just imagine how much time will it take for them to earn from the blog? Whoever comes into this field with better preparation will get equally good results. Some people might be wanting to know what the above-mentioned points have to do with earning money quickly.

How much time it takes to earn from blogging in 2021

So let us once tell you why it is important to understand all these points to earn quickly from the blog. How all these points will make your blog capable of earning money as quickly as possible? See, first of all, understand one thing the sooner more traffic starts coming on the blog, the sooner it will start earning money.

And all the 10 points mentioned above are the key to increasing traffic on your blog as quickly as possible. The more traffic you bring to your blog in less time, the less time you will start earning money. If you understand these 10 things well and do blogging, then you will start earning money soon.

Well, now based on our experience and knowledge, we will try to give you the right answer to this question, how much time does it take to earn money from a new blog? As we have mentioned above that it depends on many things. Like your way of working, your knowledge, and your topic.

There are many topics on which it takes less time to rank, but there are many topics on which it is very important to gain Google’s trust for a good ranking. Like you take the topic “Health”. Until about 1 year ago, if anyone used to write anything about health, then that post used to get ranked easily.

In March 2019, a very big update came from Google, maybe you will also remember. After that update, the traffic of 75% of Health Blogs was very less. Because in that update, Google had decided that now no one’s posts on Health Topic will rank like this.

Google said that health is a very sensitive topic in which people tell everything from medicines to home remedies in their posts. People read them and try those remedies at home. In such a situation, if they get the wrong information, then people’s health may suffer.

That’s why Google targeted most of the new websites in that update. He believed that he can trust the websites that have been running for many years. But if a new website is being written about health, then it cannot be trusted in the same way.

So what we mean to say is that a lot also depends on your topic, how soon you will start earning money from your blog. The second thing comes about the way you do things. Some people put 2 posts on their blog in a week, while some serious bloggers are conscious about their work and put one post every day.

Now imagine yourself, the guy who is updating his blog only 2 times a week at the very beginning of his blogging, how much time will it take for him to get a lot of traffic? Earning will start only when good organic traffic starts coming to your blog.

Our only say to such people is that brothers, you should stop thinking that how much time or time will it take for me to earn money from blogging. Because it’s going to take you a lot of time. One, the competition is so high in today’s time, your website should be updated from above in many days.

These things send wrong signals to Google about you. Keep in mind that these days Google is more like those blogs on which posts are published continuously. Otherwise, Google keeps your rankings down. If this happens, how will your traffic increase?

On the other hand, for people who keep posting a new post on their website every day, their traffic increases very quickly. Because more posts are done on your website in less time, your visitors increase. On the other hand, Google also raises your blog ranking.

So all these things affect the time taken to earn this money. Well now the post has become very long, so we have to take one decision. That is, people have to be told how many days does it take to earn money from a blog? So here we set a benchmark.

We assume that you will blogging seriously, you know the basic things related to blogging, you have good knowledge of SEO, you know about the topic on which you will be blogging and you will spend a lot of time on blogging i.e. week. I will put at least 4 or 5 posts.

If you do blogging by following the above-mentioned things, then how long will it take for you to earn money, let us tell you. The time we will tell you will tell according to today’s competition. This will be such a truth told by us, about which no one would have told you before.

Let’s assume that you have started working from today itself. Today you have published your first post on your blog. So let us tell you that earlier Google used to give a good ranking to the post published on any new blog only after 1 week. But now it doesn’t happen at all.

For the first 3 months, you do not have to think that you will get traffic from Google, etc. Because this is the time when Google tries to know your website well. In these 3 months, you put about 50 posts on your blog. But still, Organic Traffic is negligible on your blog.

Because only posts with one or 2 short keywords can get a good ranking. You do not get many visitors from them. From here people also start thinking about making some good backlinks. Let’s assume that in the next 2 or 3 months, if you have made backlinks from 5-6 good websites, then your Google ranking will improve.

Meaning a total of 6 months have passed and there have been more than 100 good posts on your blog. There are also some good backlinks, so we guess that because of today’s competitive era on your blog, Organic Traffic Per Day will start coming between 200 and 250.

Some people will not be ready to believe that even after working for 6 months, only 200 to 250 per day traffic? But believe me, this will happen with 90% of new bloggers. Because there is a lot for them to learn during these 6 months. Secondly, Google also does not rank your big keywords in the first 6 months.

Because at that time your Domain Authority is also very less. Now the game beyond this will depend on how smart you are. In these 6 months, you have learned the basics of blogging very well, but now you have to do smart blogging.

That is, such keywords have to be found in which competition is low but their search volume is high. If you write good posts on more and more such keywords and make good backlinks, then in the next 6 months your Organic Traffic will increase from 250 to about 700 to 1000 per day.

Keep in mind that this will also happen when you continue to work at the same speed and manner. When your Organic Traffic becomes 1000, then only you will start earning well. Suppose you are blogging only on the topic of Health and Fitness, then you will be able to earn 3 dollars per day comfortably in so much traffic per day.

How long does it take to earn money from a blog, it has become clear in front you. After working hard for 1 year continuously, you will be able to reach around 3$ per day in this era. But this cannot be called a very good earning. So you have to continue your hard work.

You have to keep doing more smart work. Will have to bring more and more organic traffic. For this, you have to learn Advanced SEO Tips, some new experiments will have to be done. In Hindi blogging, we can consider the earning of 5 Dollar Per Day almost exactly, which many people can survive.

But it will take you at least one and a half to 2 years to do this. As time is passing by, the competition in Hindi blogging is increasing. So it will take time to earn money. Many new bloggers will not understand that it will take 2 years to earn only 5 dollars per day?

But the truth is friends, there is a very large number of such bloggers who are working continuously for 2-3 years but it is becoming difficult for them to earn even 2 dollars every day. Some of my brothers are also such that even 1 dollar is not being made every day. This is the reality of blogging now.

Hope your mind must have cleared the misconception about how much time it takes to earn money from the blog. But one other thing would also like to tell you is that there are some topics on which your posts start getting ranked quickly.

So by starting work on such a topic, you can increase your organic traffic as soon as possible. Your Organic Traffic may be 1000 to 2000 in 6 months in such a niche. But on these topics, you get very little CPC from Google Adsense.

Like you take blogs like Shayari, Lyrics, Biography, Hindi Stories, and Anmol Vachan. Your traffic on these topics will increase very quickly. But due to low CPC, the earnings will also be very less. To earn as much as you will earn in 1500 Organic Traffic on Health Niche, you need at least 3500 Organic Traffic on these topics.

So if you want to do blogging and are serious about it, then do not fall prey to any misunderstanding. Don’t get deceived by anyone. Decide after thinking carefully. If you have good information on any topic and have enough information, then only think of taking your step in blogging.

Those who think of earning lakhs from blogging in just 2 months, should stay away from it because now it is not possible. Blogging is a long-running process, nothing happens suddenly. You have to keep working hard, and that too without getting any money.

I worked continuously for more than 1 year on my blog, which was my first blog without earning any money. After that, I started getting some returns from that blog. comment us if you any queries you have regarding this

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